Shelene Rainford
Stylist/ Owner Shelene has been a stylist for more than twenty years and a salon owner for fifteen of those years. She prides herself in being conscientious of the environment a salon generates. “Salons either have a good atmosphere or a bad atmosphere, and you can feel it the moment you walk through the door. Our goal with IPS was to create a salon with a great ambiance, unique décor, and a sense of unity and respect among the professionals who work here. Kim and I proudly believe IPS meets those expectations. ” Shelene views her type of work as an art form and hair as her canvas. “I may not be able to paint the most graceful picture, but I can create hair that has shape, texture, depth, varied shades of color, and movement. Working in the salon I have access to an extensive palette to build my masterpieces from. I feel fortunate to have found an industry that allows me creative freedom. Styling is something that is very rewarding on a visual and emotional level.” Shelene is known for putting 110% of herself into the salon the moment she walks in the door. It’s easy to tell that she enjoys being in the salon because she often mingles about, making certain all patrons of the salon are comfortable and pleased with their services. “I believe that the relationship built between a stylist and a guest are deeper than most. The ability to make someone feel special, pampered and beautiful is a true gift.” Shelene treats all of her clients and stylists as part of her family. She brings a one of a kind, irreplaceable dynamic to the salon.