Lea Skelton
Hair Designer Lea has been in the beauty industry for over 8 years. In a pursuit of expanding her career and advanced education, she has had specialized training in hair color, extensions, smoothing keratin treatments and facial waxing. Lea is very happy to have found a profession that she loves. She especially values the fact that the industry has such versatility that she has the freedom to tailor her training and specialize in areas that she is most passionate about. “There are really no limits in this line of work, and I love that!” Lea is known for her fun loving sense of humor, compassion, and always being easy to talk to. She takes great pride of the quality of her work and her clients can take comfort in her satisfaction guarantee. She takes great care to consider her clients hair type, condition, and maintenance level before recommending a style. “My job doesn’t end the moment that my client leaves my chair. They are taking their hairstyle home with them, and so I want them to be able to recreate that fresh from the salon look day after day. I can help do that by teaching them simple techniques and recommending the best products for their specific hair type. I want my clients to walk away with more than a “hair cut” I want them to have a lasting style.” Lea has found sanctuary at IPS. Lea is grateful to be in a professional environment where everyone cares and respects one another. “It’s such a comfortable environment here; everyone is always so excited and upbeat. I love that I enjoy coming into the salon every day and that I don’t just merely have coworkers or associates, but I actually work with my friends.”