History of our Building We are located in the Old Fire Station on the corner of Boise Ave. and Broadway. It was Fire Station No. 3 in Boise, built in the 1920’s. We are proud to have possession of some of the photos taken when the Fire Station was in service. Along the back wall in the salon you can find pictures of the first fire company as well as their horse drawn water tank. On the outside of the building, many of the firemen who worked in the building have carved their names and date into the brick facade. You can find names and dates from the 30’s on up. “There were two men who came by a couple years ago, a younger man and an older man. For quite some time, they kept walking around the outside of the building. Shelene and I had wondered to each other what in the world they were doing. We approached the two and asked if we could help them. The younger man introduced the other as his father and told us that his grandfather used to work in our building when it was a Fire Station. The reason for their visit was that they were looking for his grandfather’s name that he had carved into the side of the building in the 1930’s. We were surprised to learn the reason for their visit and even more surprised when they did end up finding his grandfathers name and the date. We had never noticed those names before until they pointed them out, and then we realized that they were everywhere.” - Owner Kim Micthell Clyde