Amy Harrison
Hairstylist Amy has been a cosmetologist for over 16 years. She is known by all for her great sense of humor, and keen appreciation for the art of sarcasm. In her career she has attended several hair shows and classes to keep her skills current. Amy values her clients on a very personal level. “My very favorite thing about being a hairstylist is feeling like I am part of my client’s family. I get to hear about all of the major events in their lives, good and bad. I laugh and cry with them.” Amy’s mantra has always been customer service. When you are in Amy’s care, you have her undivided attention. From simple trim ups, to those with the most challenging hair types; she feels that every one of her clients deserves the best. She prides herself on booking ample time to spend with each of her clients, and never running late causing her client to wait on her. Amy focuses on identifying with her clients personality and creating a style that they are comfortable with the moment they walk out of the salon. She enjoys being part of the team at Indigo Palm Salon because of the overall family atmosphere among the stylists and clients. “There is no drama here, and that is refreshing and hard to find in an industry dominated by women.”