About Indigo Palm Salon Indigo Palm Salon evolved from a former business that incorporated a palm tree logo, hand drawn by Kim. When partners Kim and Shelene decided to reestablish themselves they wanted to maintain that original logo, and felt it was important to keep “Palm” a part of the salon. They looked into several variations of palms; the Platinum Palm, the Crimson Palm, the Wicked Palm, but none of them seemed to fit just right. One day Kim was playing with textile dyes and Indigo seemed to jump out at her. She then looked up the origin of Indigo and found information on Sir Isaac Newton and how he developed the prism and created the first color chart or color wheel; and how he designated the colors of the rainbow. When he made the first color chart in the 1600’s there were seven colors identified. Indigo was the seventh color between blue and purple. Most people cannot see true indigo, so they just consider it another shade of blue or purple. There is still to this day a rift in the scientific community because Newton stated that there were seven colors in the prismatic wheel and the rest of the scientific community claims that there are only six because most people cannot see Indigo. The salon fell in love with the notion that Indigo was almost like a forgotten stepchild, but was still a part of the original color wheel. In our industry we work very closely with the color wheel formulating beautiful colors for hair, so Indigo resonated as being the perfect name for the salon.
The History of our building